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xavierfans's Journal

Charlie's Angels
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What is this community for?

Anything related to the Marvel Comics character Charles Xavier. Questions, discussion, fanfiction, images and links are all welcome.

Any rules I should know about?

1. No flaming. (Unless it's the kind involving feather boas. That variety is just fine.)

2. Adult material is more than welcome, but should be placed behind cut tags with appropriate warnings. If you don't know how to do a cut tag, check the livejournal FAQ.

3. Gratuitous iconage is encouraged, but please think of the people seeing this on their friends pages who would like them to finish loading before next winter. If you have large or multiple images to post, please use a cut tag.

4. If we wander off topic, I'm not going to lay down the law, but it would be nice if every thread could start by having something to do with Xavier :). Creative justification is allowed, however ...

I have a question or comment about that bald guy, but I don't think I want to join ...

You don't have to. Non-members with livejournals can post here, so go right ahead.

I like Xavier too, but I have no livejournal! What do I do?

Create one. You no longer need a code to join, so please go right ahead *g*.

Can I post an advertisment for my RPG here?

Only if you're lacking a player for Xavier himself and need a fan to play him. General 'please join my RPG' posts are off topic and will be deleted by the moderator.

Who are you, mysterious moderator, and how do I find you when I need you?

I'm Andraste, your friendly neighbourhood Xavier fangirl. If you need to contact me you can drop me a line at andraste@ bigpond.com.