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X-Men Evolution Fanfic Jean Grey/Professor Xavier Chapter 16 The Lost Mountain

The Lost Mountain, Chapter 16 – The Awakening
Claremonty Rated T (13+)

X-Men Evolution, Post-Apocalypse Continuation, Action/Adventure/Romance, Jean Grey/Warren Worthington III (Angel). Also featuring Logan (Wolverine), Ororo Munroe (Storm), Scott Summers (Cyclops), Professor X, Beast, Rogue and others...

Will the Phoenix burn Charles Xavier alive?

I will cause this. You saw it when you were linked with Apocalypse. That day, when we got back from Egypt, why did you send Warren after me? Why didn’t you let me go?

Because I love you, Jean. And I don’t believe in fate. We can change the future. There was also a voice I’d never heard before. It said you were our only hope… Shi’mor…Nos Immorata…

DISCLAIMER: I do not own X-Men or X-Men Evolution. Marvel owns these properties and all the X-Men characters.

Image by WindriderX23
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