Emmie Psyko (justapieceofme) wrote in xavierfans,
Emmie Psyko

Long shot

Hello folks. New to the comm. Hope this is all right to post.

X-Men was my first ever fandom, some nine years ago or thereabouts. And way back then, I once stumbled upon an Xavier/Remy fic that I particularly loved. Unfortunately my computer crashed, and I lost the link. I've been looking for that fic, without any success, ever since.

I think I may have found it. Except...that site only has the first three chapters. And I can't find it anywhere else. And the email listed for the author no longer works.

Would anyone by chance have a link to the full version of this fic? Or know how I can contact the author? Or hell, know of any other Xavier/Remy fics that also include a touch of Remy/Logan, just on the off chance that this isn't the fic I've been searching for?

Thanks in advance!
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Actually, that site only has two chapters. There is another one which has all three. Chapter 3 is here: http://mvslash.tripod.com/superpole/skyfalling3.htm