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So I was on Marvel.wikia.com one time and reading about Moira MacTaggart/Kinross and it had this under it's notes:

"Moira had accidentally genetically engineered a child using the Xavier's blood that she was examining when she accidentally dripped her own blood (as she was bleeding of a cut). The child was a boy who Moira had to give up immediately because she could not deal with parenthood and believing that Xavier would never heal. Moira was so wracked with guilt over giving up the child that she broke off the engagement. The son of Moira Kinross and Charles Xavier was Michael William Xavier/Kinross.[citation needed]"

Please note the citations needed. I was just wondering if anyone knew this for sure? It'll be awesome if that was really the case because then we'd all know that somewhere out there is Xavier Jr. Hopefully saner than Legion, although I like Legion too.

(the full page)
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